3 Steps to Knowing Your Actual Process Safety Risk

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For oil and gas executives, the need for a proven path to process safety has never been greater. At the same time, increasingly complex operations, rising production costs, decreasing refining margins, heightened regulatory scrutiny, aging infrastructure and a lack of skilled workers are generating more challenges than ever. As economic realities are compelling companies to become more competitive by reducing costs and improving performance, real competitive advantage lies in the ability to optimise plant safety while simultaneously enhancing operational productivity.

Based on the “Swiss Cheese Model” stipulating that several barriers must fail to allow a hazard to escalate into a disaster, this webinar illustrates a practice-oriented approach to enhancing plant safety through the use of system monitoring, process integration, centralised data-driven intelligence, task automation and mobile applications.

Using a real-life scenario of events, the webcast illustrates how companies can adapt their operations in order to be able to assess the actual risk of individual hazardous events in near real-time, in three main steps:

Step 1
– Understanding the Basis of Safety

Step 2 – Independent Adoption of Technology

Step 3 – Knowing Your Actual Process Safety Risk

View this webinar to find out what practical steps your company can take to:

  • Enhance plant safety and reliability, and  reduce safety incidents

  • Optimise plant operations and increase throughput

  • Improve communication, visibility and accountability

  • Ensure consistent and compliant processes

  • Enable knowledge transfer

This webinar is for you if you are a:

  • Process safety manager
  • Head of process safety
  • HSE manager
  • Head of HSE
  • QHSE manager
  • Head of QHSE
  • Head of Operations
  • Operations Lead
  • Asset integrity manager
  • Head of asset integrity
  • Asset integrity leads
  • CIO
  • IT Director
  • IT Architect
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Heads of Maintenance
  • Plant Manager

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Karl Watson Process Safety Management Consultant ABB Consulting