Build A Successful Digital Oilfield Strategy In 6 Steps

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In today’s competitive oil and gas industry, there is strong pressure to meet increased market demands while lowering operating costs and improving return for investors and company stakeholders. Many companies are switching to Digital Oilfield solutions as a means to build and sustain a competitive edge.

This technology will allow you to manage production and personnel, resulting in reduced costs, increased production and safety. What is that worth to you?

In this free webinar you will learn how to implement Digital Oilfield technology in just 6 steps and find out how it will help you:

  • Enable proactive rather than reactive maintenance and optimisation initiatives
  • Focus human resources on the most impactful issues
  • Lower risk by improving functionality and visibility
  • Use data-rich analytics to increase efficiencies
  • Empower smarter operational decision making

This webinar is essential if you work in:

  • Operations
  • Asset Management
  • Production
  • Automation
  • Industrial IT


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Larnell Nolan Technical Lead and Strategic Account Manager Cimation