Session 2: Enabling and Securing Critical Networks in Converged IT/OT Networks

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The desire to automate business processes and remote connectivity in critical infrastructure is rising due to the efficiencies gained through the interconnection of standard IT or “business” networks to these critical operational systems or Operational Technology (OT).

And due to the modernization of technologies used in critical infrastructure – OT networks, the operational and security related data footprint has grown and must be centralized, analyzed and acted upon to achieve safety, performance and security related goals. This technical trend requires cyber security related projects which span both business and operational systems that can mitigate the security concerns that these interconnections introduce.

In this presentation we will share our understanding of the benefits and feasibility of converging critical (OT) and non-critical (IT) networks. We will also discuss the implementation challenges that both IT and OT teams face while explaining practical ways to protect these converged networks with an acceptable risk level.

Through viewing this webinar you will:

  • Understand the benefits and threats introduced by connecting Business and Operational systems
  • Learn why whitelisting is one of the strongest defensive measures used to protect critical communications
  • Appreciate the benefits of hardware authentication as an additional layer in perimeter protection
  • Find out how response time to cyber threats can be greatly improved through improved visibility of operational and cyber activity by securing the connection between IT and OT networks

This webinar is for you if you work in the fields of:

  • Operations
  • Automation & Process Control Engineering
  • Plant Design
  • Corporate Security
  • HSE
  • IT
  • Procurement

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Mark Trump Senior Cyber Consultant – Critical Infrastructure BAE Systems Applied Intelligence