A Primer On Managing The Condition & Energy Efficiency Of Your Plant Assets

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Oil & Gas is the most energy intensive of all industries, consuming about 20% of its output for its own processes and barely reaching 20% in terms of energy efficiency.

As the industry moves into deeper and more costly arenas to produce hydrocarbons, energy demand will grow even further.

This webinar introduces the challenges of reliability programmes which are now standard practice in companies reliant on machines, equipment, and other physical assets.

In this FREE webinar learn how to identify energy inefficiencies, as well as opportunities to improve operational efficiency in order to:

  • Drive down expenses 
  • Meet regulatory standards 
  • Remain competitive

This webinar is for you if you are a manager with a desire to improve and control your assets and asset strategy.
This is particularly applicable to you if you work in the following functions:

  • CEO 
  • CFO 
  • Sustainability officer 
  • Facility manager 
  • Asset manager 
  • Engineer 
  • IT professional
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