12 Ways That Cloud Technology Can Improve Capital Projects and Operating Assets

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The world’s rapidly increasing demand for energy has led to operational challenges for industry, with an impact on projects & operations. Industry leaders have recognized that the key to meeting these challenges whilst achieving these goals is to empower your workforce with the right tools – solutions that allow multi-party communication, effective collaboration and efficient use of data.

One of those solutions is a Cloud environment, as it provides a platform that is accessible by everyone working on a project, whenever and wherever you are. It also provides a single, reliable repository for critical documents and data that are organized and cross-referenced and kept up-to-date.  

Intergraph, a globally tristed engineering software provider offers one of the most advanced cloud environments for the industry. SmartPlant® Cloud is the Intergraph® new eco-engineering system offering SmartPlant applications and third-party applications supported by technical and business operations service. A secure https URL supplies access to the service with minimal end-user local computing footprint. SmartPlant Cloud provides a single, unified, and secure computer environment which can contain multiple projects and user communities. Take advantage of new options to execute projects and operate plants with multi-company collaboration, standardization, enabling of global resources, and ensured integration and consistency.

SmartPlant Cloud supports customer objectives to reduce CAPEX/OPEX costs and shorten project schedules so that all parties involved – in either the design of a project or the operations and maintenance of a facility – share a consistent, common view of all documents and data available. With data silos effectively removed, greater efficiency can be achieved and both project and operational risks reduced while effectively delivering higher quality and a safer facility.

The solution enables companies to apply specific standards consistently across all entities, enforcing more efficient work processes. Companies and projects benefit from optimized business processes, such as lean engineering, fabrication and construction, reuse of project documentation and data, supply chain integration, and improved spare parts management.

What you will learn:

  • How to remedy the challenges companies face when executing large global, multi-party, multi-systems projects
  • Understanding the cost/risk of maintaining the status quo vs. the benefit of using an eco-engineering system
  • Real life examples of how Intergraph has already broached the solutions on a client-led project
  • How SmartPlant Cloud can benefit your organisation from a technology and business aspect?

Who this webinar is for:

  • CEOs
  • IT Managers
  • Project managers
  • Quality Control managers
  • Optimisation consultants
  • Process Managers

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Kevin Holmes Vice President Cloud Solutions Intregraph