Take Control of Your Maintenance And Drive Down Your Costs By 20%

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Refineries worldwide are under immense pressure to reduce their costs.  Typically most facilities worldwide reach only 30-40% of their maintenance productivity level, which means that in most refineries crews are typically spending only 17 hours in a 40 hour working week ‘on tools’.  By contrast best in class performers can achieve in the region of 60-65%. 

This webinar provides some thoughts on why this currently is and offers a solution on how refineries can address and take control of productivity and the reductions in the operational expenditure they require.

In this free webinar we will show you: 

  1. How and why refineries are not as productive as they could be
  2. The stats and figures on how refineries are currently performing and where your company may sit on this benchmark
  3. A solution to control productivity and how to reduce operational expenditure
  4. Some sure-fire examples of how to improve your facility's productivity by up to 20%

This webinar is for you if you work in:

  • Maintenance
  • Operational/maintenance excellence
  • Asset management

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Paul Collins Global Lead for OpEx Optimisation ARCADIS