10 Ways You Can Enhance Mature Fields Production With SJP - Surface Jet Pump Technology

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Declining production is a big issue within the oil and gas industry. As reservoir pressure declines it introduces a number of production challenges, with responses typically including artificial lift, additional compression stages and produced water management solutions. Surface Jet Pump (SJP), technology can be used to tackle many of these issues, enhancing production capacity through the use of a passive device and intrinsic energy already available in the field. This technology is sometimes known in the industry under other names such as an Ejector or an Eductor.

This webinar explores the ways in which SJP technology can be used to deliver incremental production, extend field life, maintain compressor capacity, debottleneck compressors, recover flare gas and vent gas, and move more gases or fluids with less energy.

A variety of case studies are used to illustrate the various ways in an SJP can help to increase production in a very cost effective manner.

This webinar will focus on:

  1. Starting with the question “Are you looking to enhance your production? Or extend your field life?”
  2. How Caltec Surface Jet Pump technology can assist with a simple installation and short payback period
  3. Key components of the Caltec Surface Jet Pump
  4. How the SJP can boost production without moving equipment parts, therefore minimum maintenance.
  5. Case 1: An example of maintaining production life of a field
  6. Case 2: An example of a multiphase boosting system in operation
  7. Case 3: How the technology increased production within a small footprint offshore
  8. Case 4: An example of increasing production from many wells
  9. Case 5: An example showing field production optimisation
  10. Case 6: An example demonstrating improvements in processing and production onshore

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