How OOs and EPCs can retain or regain their competitive advantage

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Did you know that EPCs are using 20-50% more man-hours per barrel of oil than 10 years ago? Do you know why that is?

The environment we work in has become very complex; deeper water, harder to reach areas, more available engineering data and more complex data result in more time needed.

To reduce man-hours, the engineering design time will need to be reduced whilst maintaining quality. This can be done using a two part strategy;

1)      Engineering software providers can give design companies better tools and

2)      at the same time EPC’s need to put efficient work processes in place.

In this webinar, you will learn how collaboration between EPC’s, OO’s and software developers can result in retaining or regaining that competitive edge. Learn from Terje Oerbeck from Agility Group, a leading Norwegian engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning (EPCIC) company.

Through collaboration, by mastering their engineering data, by focusing on project efficiency and safety for their clients, they leave their competition behind.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Changes affecting the engineering industry and reasons behind them
  • How collaboration between engineering software developers and EPCs can be improved
  • Risks associated with traditional working methods vs. the benefits of a cooperative approach
  • How Smart™ 3D can solve the challenges the engineering industry is currently facing and in which way it provides that needed competitive edge for OO’s and EPC’s

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David Whittle Senior Business Development Manager Intergraph
Terje Ørbeck SmartPlant Team Group Lead Agility Group