OPEX in Oil and Gas Online 2019

Optimise your operations and develop industry leading maintenance practices

Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas: 19-20 March, 2019

In the latest of our digital webinar series, join us for a two-day online event with six industry leaders, so you can discover how to:

  • Optimise your operations for reliability and develop industry-leading maintenance practices
  • Reduce operational expenditure by using analytics tools to leverage data
  • Properly maintain asset integrity and utilise Lean ideas to further manage expenditure
  • Streamline your operations, and reduce variability across your enterprise
  • Address cultural changes within your company to improve reliability and safety
  • Improve your core operations, and address H&S, compliance, and risk

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Day One

10:00 GMT – Improving efficiency, agility, and cost performance through effective asset life extension management

Learn from ADNOC, and hear case studies into improving business performance.

After conducting multiple site visits and identifying several asset integrity, ageing, obsolescence, reliability, and maintenance issues, ADNOC Gas Processing implemented an Asset Life Extension Management (ALEM) system in order to extend asset life and reduce operating costs. This case study will focus on the issues that sparked the need for a new asset management strategy, and how the ALEM System has improved overall asset reliability and cost effectiveness, including:

  • Optimised 20-year life extension actions
  • Long-term budget visibility
  • Current condition and remnant life score & status
  • ALEM Management System Review results (compliance and effectiveness)

Ali Al Shammari, Manager, Reliability & Asset Life Extension, ADNOC Gas Processing


12:00 GMT – The digital oil and gas company: achieving operational excellence through digitalisation

  • How do we best approach continuous improvement and digital transformation at the beginning of our OPEX journey?
  • What are the major barriers to a successful and continuing OPEX strategy?
  • What does a fully transformed oil and gas company look like, and should we be striving to emulate it?

Speaker to be confirmed


14:00 GMT – Laying the OPEX Foundations: Structuring your business to maximise safety, reduce costs, and minimise risk

  • Should you standardise your approach to achieving OPEX goals, and how do you build bridges between departments?
  • What is the business case for a disciplined OPEX culture?
  • Is EH&S truly the foundation of a strong operational excellence strategy?

Speaker to be confirmed


16:00 GMT – Occupational safety in the oil and gas industry: developing a model of research, practice, and outreach that facilitates outcomes

Hear from a leading academic on the subject of occupational H&S in the oil and gas industry.

Dr Camille Peres, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University


Day Two

12:00 GMT – Continuous improvement: the journey to instill an OPEX culture

  • What should my OPEX goal be, and why should I strive for it?
  • How do I assure the integrity of my operations processes and systems?
  • Why should we aim for a global collaborative model of OPEX, and how do we ensure we are technical excellent?

Speaker to be confirmed


14:00 GMT – Lean OPEX approaches: building Lean capabilities and integrating them within your business

  • How can I use Lean technology to improve the productivity of my staff and create more time within my enterprise?
  • Can data mining constitute part of my CI strategy?
  • Why should we integrate Lean strategies and move beyond the tools themselves?

Speaker to be confirmed


16:00 GMT – Implementing simulation technology: safeguarding against disaster with reality technology

  • How can my organisation overcome the lingering effects of the Great Crew Change on staffing through simulations, virtual reality, and other visual technology?
  • Is it possible to increase the reliability of workers through visual technology-aided training?
  • What are the implications of VR/AR/MR on profitability, capex, and opex?

Speaker to be confirmed


OPEX Oil & Gas Online 2019 will be hosted by Tom Stuchfield, Editor of Oil & Gas IQ. Reserve your virtual seat, now!