Immersive technologies in the oil and gas industry

Join Oil & Gas IQ for a series of webinars covering virtual and augmented reality and how your organisation can benefit.

This FREE webinar was recorded on:
08:00 AM - 10:00 PM GMT

Join us for this one-day event as Oil & Gas IQ speak with Jean-Baptiste de la Rivière of Immersion and Mark Sage of the AREA, amongst others, about the adoption of AR, VR, and XR applications in the oil and gas industry.

With extensive experience in augmented and virtual reality, and relationships with industry leaders in many fields, Jean-Baptiste and Mark will discuss

  • The current AR and VR ecosystem in the oil and gas industry,
  • Proven benefits of AR and VR schemes,
  • Barriers to strategy uptake,
  • Case studies and success stories in oil and gas,
  • Support for new adopters.

Attend this fantastic free event and have the opportunity to ask questions and gain insight into this trendsetting and increasingly-important field.

Jean-Baptiste de la Rivière, Director of R&D, Immersion

As Director of the R&D department he helped create in 2006, Jean-Baptiste is leading the design of new input devices, visualisation techniques, and collaborative technologies. He is involved in everything from research and design to the development stages various 3D interaction and visualisation solutions. He also supervises the later steps towards the creation of new commercial products, including 

- Innovation related activities management such as IP and internal processes
- Identification, definition, and contribution to the company research and development orientations
- Coordination of the daily work of a pluridisciplinary team 
- Management of the company contribution to research and development projects, from large scale collaborative projects to smaller scale internal projects

Attend this fantastic free event to hear more from Jean-Baptiste.

Mark Sage Executive Director, AREA

Mark is the Executive Director of the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA). The AREA is a membership funded alliance, helping to accelerate the adoption of Augmented Reality (AR) through a comprehensive ecosystem.With a focus on creating value and ROI for its members, his goal is to develop a robust and active ecosystem for AR. His background includes a strong interest in mobile, AR, VR, and IoT and he is excited to work with enterprises, providers and research organizations to the benefit and growth of the AR within the enterprise.

Attend this fantastic free event to hear more from Mark.

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