Streamlining Asset Management With Infor EAM Solutions

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In this comprehensive 40 Minute webcast, Tracy Smith, Vice President at Stratum Consulting Partners a Global Alliance Partner of Infor EAM Solutions explains how asset management can be streamlined and improved using the right combination of specific standards and best in class software.

In the course of his presentation Tracy explains how PAS 55 - Optimal management of physical assets and ISO 14224 are key to the optimal management of any asset-heavy oil and gas organisation.

In the Webinar Tracy outlines:

  • The Oil & Gas Challenge
  • Asset Management Standards
  • Standards to support challenges
  • PAS 55 (forthcoming ISO 55000) - what is it?
  • In Depth PAS 55 - 28 Point checklist
  • ISO 14224
  • Operational Blue Printing with ISO
  • Using Infor EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) to design, implement and improve The Process

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Tracy Smith Stratum Consulting Partners