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The 5 Potential Pitfalls Of FPSO And How To Overcome Them  

As of 2014, there were 156 floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) units active in the world, with a further 41 on order and 16 available for deployment. Currently, 48% of these FPSO projects are stationed in emerging oil and gas markets from West Africa to South East Asia. In light of this, we take a look at five of the most pressing problems encountered with operating FPSOs in these developing regions, and offer solutions for each of them. Learn more »
July 29,2014 by FPSO - Floating Production Storage and Offloading 

[INFOGRAPHIC] FPSO In 2014 - The Vital Statistics  

From the Norwegian Continental Shelf to the South China Sea, the FPSO (floating production, storage and offloading) sector is booming worldwide. In this infographic, we take a look some of the most key facts and figures that are pushing the industry forward in 2014. Learn more »
July 26,2014 by FPSO - Floating Production Storage and Offloading 

[EBOOK] HPHT: Terminator, Google & What’s Right About Getting It Wrong  

As HPHT wells become more prevalent throughout the global oil and gas landscape, technology is becoming ever more important in the drive to master the most inhospitable conditions the Earth’s crust has to offer. In this piece, we speak with a drilling engineer working in east Malaysia and a lead geologist in the Caribbean Sea arena about the novel techniques driving HPHT and why it is important to share failure with your peers Learn more »
July 22,2014 by Oil & Gas IQ: HPHT - High Pressure and High Temperature 



  • 6 Steps to Ensuring Successful Implementation of Digital Oilfield Technology Watch now »
  • 5 Ways a New Approach to People, Process & Technology Will Change the Safety-Productivity Dynamic in your Operations Watch now »
  • A Primer On Managing The Condition & Energy Efficiency Of Your Plant Assets Watch now »
  • 5 Brownfield Project Execution Challenges Overcome Using Laser Scanning With Integrated CAD & CAE Tools Watch now »


The Weekly USA Oil & Gas Update: 22nd July 2014  

The 22nd July 2014 Oil & Gas US update. Catch up with all of this week's industry news, oil and gas prices from Bloomberg / EIA and the North American rig count. Learn more »
July 22,2014 by Todd Erickson 

The BRICS NDB - None Of Your Damned Business?  

Last week, history may have been made. In the post soccer World Cup come down, the leaders of the BRICS nations met in the tropical coastal town of Fortaleza to sign a new supranational body into existence Learn more »
July 22,2014 by Timothy Haïdar, EIC 

[TRANSCRIPT] 4 Out Of Every 5 Oil & Gas Megaprojects Fail. But why?  

4 Out Of Every 5 Oil & Gas Megaprojects Fail. But why? And how can this trend be reversed? In this edition of The Boardroom, we speak to Edward R. Merrow, founder and CEO of Independent Project Analysis about his recent book "Industrial Megaprojects—Concepts, Strategies, and Practices for Success" Learn more »
July 21,2014 by Timothy Haïdar, EIC 

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Modular Construction In Oil & Gas - The EPC Perspective  

In this exclusive podcast, Fred Haney, Executive Director, Design Engineering at Fluor Corporation touches on everything from logistics to the Great Crew Change to why go modular at all from the viewpoint of a tier 1 EPC firm Learn more »
June 05,2014

Modular Construction In Oil & Gas - The Operator Perspective  

What’s coming down the pike in modular construction from an international operator’s viewpoint? We speak to the Manager of Fabrication and Modularisation at Devon Canada to find out Learn more »
June 04,2014

Towards Integrity Excellence - The KOC Perspective  

In this exclusive podcast, we speak with Ahmed Qabazard, Team Leader Health, Safety & Environment (HSE - West Kuwait Directorate) at the Kuwait Oil Company, about the company’s journey to integrity excellence Learn more »
June 02,2014


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For a surface stack (3,000 psi system), what are BOP components controlled by manifold pressure (1500 psi)?

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What is Upstream and Downstream in Oil & Gas?

The link to : [EBOOK] The Oil & Gas Modelling Checklist is not working.

What is the acronym FEED, FMC & EPC means in Oil & Gas.

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