Online Webinar: Building Resilience Post Covid-19: Digitalizing Processes to Protect your Industrial Workforce

Panel discussion with Jennifer Rogers, Head of Learning, Anglo American, Mark Hutcherson, Director Operations Excellence, ConocoPhillips and Sundeep Ravande, CEO & Co-Founder, Innovapptive

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Recorded LIVE at The Connected Worker ONLINE, our panel discussed whether industrial workplaces can be pandemic resilient?

  • Maximizing production - while minimizing the number of people onsite
  • Adapting to the new reality: building agility and flexibility into your operations
  • What activities should be performed remotely, so that managers and supervisors do not have to be constantly onsite?
  • How can we share knowledge and transfer information while reducing physical interaction?
  • Leveraging the expertise of your more experienced workers - regardless of their physical location
  • Exploiting technology, automation and process change to increase compliance and accountability