Live Recording: Business Value Drives Digital Transformation for Pipeline Operators


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Recorded Live at Midstream Operational Excellence - Feb 16, 2021

Business Value Drives Digital Transformation for Pipeline Operators

The O&G Midstream industry is under tremendous pressure with the need to continually improve operational safety, keep up with regulatory requirements, and be more agile in response to a rapidly changing business climate and the global sustainability challenge. Pipeline Operators are initiating digital transformation initiatives as a crucial element of Operational Excellence programs that are fundamental to success in this environment. AVEVA believes IIoT/Edge, Big Data, AI, Cloud, Digital Twin and Connected Worker are the key technologies for digital transformation success. We will discuss strategy development and acceleration of your digital transformation journey and provide a couple of success stories as concrete examples.

Wayne Rutledge, Senior Product Manager, Oil & Gas Pipeline Midstream Solutions, AVEVA
Richard Martin, VP Digital Acceleration, AVEVA

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