Live Recording: Accelerating your Digital Strategy – and the Action Plan to Make it Happen

with Bob Baughman at HUVRdata and Shankar Nadarajah from ExxonMobil

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Recorded live during Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas on Monday, November 2, 2020 - 11:10am EST.

The recovery and “new normal” will be digital. Digitization and digital transformation projects are being accelerated across all industries due to the need to rapidly adjust to changing market conditions. As companies and enterprises continue on their digital transformation journey, the following guidelines provide the best chance for successful transformation projects.

  • Identify products and services that are good candidates for digital transformation
  • Look for the low-hanging fruit (quick, achievable victories)
  • Seek projects with 3 to 6-month ROI (i.e. don’t try to boil the ocean)
  • Determine / Establish KPI’s – performance indicators
  • Obtain agreement / buy-in from stakeholders (i.e. define a successful implementation)
  • Obtain input from field
  • Seek synergy between “operations” and “data experts”
  • Start small and scale up from there


Bob Baughman, CEO, HUVRdata

Shankar Nadarajah, Global Drone Visual Inspection Project Manager, Equipment Technology Division, ExxonMobil