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Gas pipeline integrity, oil pipeline integrity, overall asset integrity, Health Safety and Environment (HSE) as well as preventative maintenance become more important today, than they ever were. Oil & Gas IQ is proud to have pioneered information exchange in this space for many years and has built this resource centre to continue the exchange of information that is essential to the management of oil pipelines, gas pipelines and asset integrity management. Start Exploring Today!

Why small to midscale FLNG is the future and your 3 point checklist to getting it right - Timothy Haïdar, EIC

Lack of transmission networks and the fact that four out of every five infrastructure megaprojects fail in their objectives due to long development times, high cost and substantial budget overruns, means that floating liquefied natural gas units are increasingly becoming seen as the solution to the future of natural gas supply. Full Article »

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Oil & Gas: Turning Ageing Assets Into New Revenue Streams

Contributor: David Stanier
Posted: 1/20/2013

Oil & Gas: Turning Ageing Assets Into New Revenue Streams - David Stanier

What are the classic mistakes that operators make when trying to overhaul their integrity management framework? The Global Integrity Management Practice Leader at ABB lets us know where the real wins can be made Full Video »

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[THE BOARDROOM] “Watch This Space….A Lower Oil Price Could Mean More Fatalities” - Timothy Haïdar, EIC

In this edition of The Boardroom, we speak with David Doig, Group Chief Executive at OPITO, about the recent health and safety statistics coming out of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers. With 88 fatalities in the industry across the world in 2012 and lost-time incidents LTIs increasing by 12 per cent, are we actually doing enough to keep our people safe and companies in rude health? Full Podcast »

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Editorial: Bakken The Game - A Billion Reasons Why

Contributor: Timothy Haïdar, EIC
Posted: 5/6/2014

Editorial: Bakken The Game - A Billion Reasons Why - Timothy Haïdar, EIC

A milestone is passed in America’s Upper Midwest: across North Dakota and eastern Montana, the Bakken shale formation has yielded its billionth barrel of oil. Full Column »

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How Proper Respirator Testing Could Save Up To 7% Of Fatalities In Oil & Gas

As much as 7% of fatal injuries in the workplace are caused by exposure to harmful substances or environments - the oil & gas industry has one of the highest rates. Awareness of the type of chemicals exposure is very important, and workers can be protected from these exposures by ensuring the right Respiratory Protective Equipment is provided. Find out how the correct fit testing for respirators could save your life Full Whitepaper »

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Facing the Challenge of the Safety of Offshore Oil and Gas Activities

In this presentation, we hear from Taf Powell of the European Commission, a report from the European Commission on Post-Macondo legislation that has been rolled out to prevent similar disasters occurring in Europe. In Full Presentation »

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