Deepwater Horizon: Anatomy Of A Disaster
Oil and Gas Today

Regulating the Oil Industry: What Went Wrong with BP's Deepwater Disaster

Hosted By: Jessica Livingston
Tags : oil spill | BP oil spill | Deepwater Horizon | Raymond Holroyd | safety procedures | regulations | Jessica Livingston | Unite Union | Gulf Of Mexico

About this Podcast...

The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill has turned the whole oil industry on its head. The oil spill is currently the greatest environmental disaster in US history, and caused the loss of many lives. But what caused this oil spill? Was it the fault of the industry? 

Raymond Holroyd, an offshore oil worker from Unite Union, speaks with Jessica Livingston of Oil and Gas IQ on why the oil industry needs to be regulated, and talks about the safety procedures on oil rigs. As a former BP employee, Holroyd addresses the BP oil spill and provides his thoughts on what went wrong.


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