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From contract risk management, to international boundary disputes, through production sharing agreements and mitigating the risk of international sanctions, the oil and gas industry is a complex legal and regulatory environment to operate in. Oil and gas law is a particularly complicated by regulations - oil regulations, gas regulations, natural gas regulations. This industry resource centre is the place to find best practice from the leading lawyers and practitioners in this field.

Contributor: Sumit Dutta
Posted: 01/28/2016
#OGIP16: Highlights from Oil & Gas IP Summit 2016
The Oil & Gas IQ team were in London this week for the 2016 Oil and Gas Intellectual Property Summit. The event brought together IP experts and leaders to discuss best practice for IP Portfolio Management and Innovation. Here are some of the highlights from Twitter. Full Article »
Posted: 07/18/2011
Risk & Responsibility - Broaching Environmental Issues In Oil & Gas Contracts
From operators and contractors down to minority partners, current provisions for the sharing of responsibilities are by no means clearly defined. We shed light on the current furore surrounding environment and pollution issues in a post-Macondo world. Full Video »
Contributor: Timothy Haïdar, EIC
Posted: 04/02/2014
In this exclusive interview, we speak with John Warren, Senior Legal Counsel, Petrobras Americas Inc about the intricacies of indemnification in the Gulf of Mexico. John P. Warren, Jr. is the Senior Legal Counsel and Corporate Secretary for Petrobras America Inc. and its subsidiaries He is responsible for legal matters related to the United Full Podcast »
Contributor: Olufola Wusu Esq.
Posted: 08/08/2013
Olufola Wusu Esq.
In this piece, resident legal columnist Olufola Wusu takes a look at 10 things that the contemporary energy lawyer should bear in mind in the 21st century oil and gas business Full Column »
Posted: 11/26/2015
[ANALYSIS] How The Shell Plan For Patent Mapping & IP Monetisation Can Help Your Company
The current oil price downturn has put pressure on companies, both big and small, to retrench and take stock of their assets. As well as their physical holdings, organisations are weighing up the value of their intellectual property (IP). In this interview, we speak with a top patent lawyer at Shell International about how his company is tracking, marshalling and monetising the IP assets that it controls for maximum advantage in these tough times. Full Whitepaper »