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Top 10 Shale Oil Rich Nations - 2 - USA

Contributor: Tim Haïdar, EIC
Posted: 07/07/2013
Tim Haidar
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2) USA

Bald Eagle

Technically recoverable shale oil
: 58 billion barrels
Prime prospect locations: Bakken, Barnett, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Niobara
Current oil production (bpd): 11.1 million
Current gas production (tcf): 22.9

The shale gale began in the USA in the late 2000s with advances in hydraulic fracturing technology enabling companies to extract gas and oil from solid rock for the first time.

The shale gas revolution has made the United States into the world’s second largest natural gas producer, on the way towards energy independence by 2020. Shale oil promises to be as important to the country's energy mix, with 10 billion barrels more in unconventional oil than Libya has in the conventional black stuff.


Tim Haidar
Contributor: Tim Haïdar, EIC