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China Embraces Renewables In The District Energy Mix

Hosted By :  Tim Haïdar
November 6, 2012
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Tags : Teruhisa Oi | Asian Development Bank | ADB | district energy | cogeneration | biomass

About this Podcast...

In this exclusive interview, Teruhisa Oi, Senior Energy Specialist at ADB talks about the efforts China is making to fast track district cooling and heating projects across numerous provinces.

In the course of his interview, Teru touches on:

  • The Asian Development Bank's focus for the Chinese district energy landscape
  • Integrating renewable resources into district energy projects
  • Solar power as a primary source for district energy
  • Implementation of citywide PV in small to mid scale cities
  • Fostering collaboration between developed district energy vendors and nascent Chinese companies
  • Horses for courses - choosing the right district energy solutions to match the capabilities of your province


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Rate this Podcast: (3.5 Stars | 2 Votes)

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