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Oil & Gas IQ is devoted to providing energy professionals with the most comprehensive selection of case studies and white papers on the internet. Explore specialised Oil research and Gas research through our collection of whitepapers. Our white papers aim to educate industry leaders as they make complex business decisions that drive growth, innovation and ROI. 

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As history shows, in the current market conditions, well integrity is of even higher importance. If we look at the distribution of upstream losses in the "100 largest losses list”, we can see that there is a significant frequency of losses either during or immediately after significant reductions in the crude oil price, and this is a global problem. Coupled with ageing wells that are operatingLearn more

FPSO Profiling Report

The data presented in this 7-page FPSO report provides insight into the top challenges faced by the industry amid low oil prices, the market outlook for 2017 and investment priorities for some of the biggest companies operating in the industry.Learn more

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Maintaining productivity and safety standards in the face of declining prices and profits is a challenge for oil and gas companies. In part one of our two-part series, Mike Stone, product manager of Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), gave an overview of cost-effective asset management in this environment. In part two, we dive into specific tools, processes, and resources that oil and gasLearn more

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The slump in oil prices has seen a tailing-off in the number of megaprojects - major infrastructure projects that cost more than $1 billion – on the drawing board throughout the energy industry. The scale and complexity of these megaprojects will always translate into budget overruns and missed deadlines, but the oil and gas industry has a particularly high rate of project failure. InLearn more


Now, more than ever, the hydrocarbons sector is looking to the tenets of operational excellence to streamline working practices and make profits in a climate that is adverse to gainful revenues. But will the lip service given to operational excellence practices actually outlast the oil price downturn? We speak to an industry veteran and “survivor” of several oil price depressions about how heLearn more

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In a recent report, The Royal Society called for cyber security to become the primary concern for business, policy and research in the current climate, with heightened emphasis on information sharing and international collaboration. As all elements of society are increasingly being lived out in the cyber domain, sensitivity around the threats posed by the plethora of attack methods and motivesLearn more


The protracted oil price depression has seen the contraction and retrogression of many fuel-dependent markets in the past 24 months. Bunkering with liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been one of those areas affected, by the drop in the conventional fuel for the maritime industry. In this infographic, conducted with Oil & Gas IQ's burgeoning bunkering network, we can begin to paint aLearn more

Understanding API 6A Gate Valves - Infographic Guide

In this infographic from Mirage Machines get an overview of API 6A gate valves and includes gate valve basics, what the API 6A standard covers and why valves fail.Learn more


In 2016, the weapons of mass destruction that stock the arsenals of the world powers make the machinery that killed so many millions during World War I look tame. Yet weapons of physical destruction are not the only ones that menace peace in our times. The 21st century has witnessed the exponential development of cyber warfare as an existential threat to the modern civilisation. And theLearn more


The industry is in the midst of an oil price depression the likes of which the world has not seen for a generation. If we add a prolonged dip in the cost of a barrel to the unavoidable threats of ageing, extreme weather and the hypothetical menace of freak events, asset and structural integrity management (SIM) are in the spotlight to a greater extent than ever before.SIM professionals are now Learn more

298 results
of 29