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Oil & Gas IQ is devoted to providing energy professionals with the most comprehensive selection of case studies and white papers on the internet. Explore specialised Oil research and Gas research through our collection of whitepapers. Our white papers aim to educate industry leaders as they make complex business decisions that drive growth, innovation and ROI. 

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According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the world shipping fleet grew by 3.5 per cent to carry 1.75 billion deadweight tonnage (DWT) of cargo in 2015. As ships get bigger and international trade increases, ports are having to expand to accommodate increasing volumes of goods passing through their jurisdictions. In this infographic, we focus on eight EuropeanLearn more


In the following analysis, we look at 10 of the trends that we expect to emerge in the mobility and IoT story in 2016, and the kind of effects that they will have on an oil and gas industry that is in the throes of a once-in-a-generation price depression.Learn more


The dip in oil prices of more than 70 per cent in the past 18 months has put palpable strain on oil and gas companies to make ends meet while still maintaining standards in productivity and safety. In this interview, we speak with the former commanding office of a US Navy of Los Angeles-class nuclear submarine about how the unwritten skills he learned in his years of military service can beLearn more

Cyber Security

The energy industry has been cited as the most vulnerable sector to the threat of cyber attack. With a growing number of expensive and damaging attacks, it is clear that the threat of cyber warfare, cyber espionage and cyber crime in the oil and gas industry is very real and our research has shown that the industry is generally unprepared in its basic prevention and defence abilities. But if it Learn more

Asset Integrity Content Marketing Case Study

Collapsing oil prices has left the oil and gas industry in a precarious position. Budgets are tighter and operators are expected to do more with less. With assets aging and lifecycles lengthening the need for effective asset integrity management within the industry has never been higher.But the market is becoming both increasingly competitive and fragmented. End users are in desperate need for Learn more

Cyber Security in the Oil & Gas Industry - Keeping Systems and Data Safe

The white paper looks at this intellectual property paradox, the challenge of determining how to best keep IP safe, yet accessible to those who need it. The universal trend of cyber-attacks, understanding the threat landscape, and how connecting IT and operational technology (OT) has changed this threat landscape, and how security could learn from safety within the oilLearn more

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In this interview, we speak with a veteran of organisational effectiveness in the petrochemical industries about the way organisational effectiveness has changed the world’s largest fertiliser manufacturer into a first quartile business.Learn more

[INFOGRAPHIC] Mobility & IoT: Challenges And Opportunities In The Oil Depression

The price of a barrel of crude oil has slid some 70 per cent in the past 18 months with catastrophic effects for many in the hydrocarbons sectors. Record bankruptcies and redundancies have shaken the fabric of the oil and gas sector worldwide, with companies looking to make swingeing efficiencies in times of tightening belts. More and more, organisations are looking to technology to helpLearn more

Following The Oil & Gas Economic Capital Trail: Navigating The New Enviroment

We have compiled the perspectives of some of the leading organizations in the industry to provide you with a 13-page Economic Investment Report in order to help guide your understanding of the market and how you can apply lesson's learned to your current suite of projectsLearn more

Asset Integrity – "This Is The Time To Revisit Your Established Procedures And Get Creative."

With the current oil price downturn, hydrocarbons companies are under more pressure on companies, both big and small, to retrench and take stock of their assets. In this interview, we speak with a top asset integrity professional about his thoughts on the oil price crisis with regards to his asset integrity management in the MENA region, and some of the novel practices he has put in place toLearn more

277 results
of 27