Getting The Most Out Of Your Reservoir In The Age Of Hard Oil

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In a world where easy oil is becoming more and more scarce, and the price of failure is increasingly taxing, making sure that you get the most out of the successes you strike is paramount.  

In this free webinar, Dr Bob Parish discusses reservoir model calibration tecniques in the oil and gas industry and how history matching of producing fields can accurately calibrate models for appraisal fields.

Oil companies that have applied this approach have stated that productivity of sub-surface teams has augmented 6-fold, i.e. they can do in one week what would normally take six. In addition, the quality of their returns are markedly better.

In addition, the use of modelling and simulation software can help to:

  • Find most, if not all the matches to production data
  • Provide a basis for probabilistic reserves assessments
  • Calculate confidence intervals
  • Measure Match Quality
  • Identify Multiple history matches
  • Optimise field management controls with economics
  • Reveal ineffective approaches early on

This webinar will explain the above in more detail, show some oil industry provided examples, and illustrate how EnABLE provides decision support.

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Dr R. G. Parish Emerson