The Top 10 Oil & Gas Companies in the World: 2018

Who are the biggest oil companies by revenue in 2018?

Adam Muspratt

The World's Biggest Oil Companies

The world relies on the Oil & Gas industry.

According to the US Energy Information Association, America alone consumed a total of 7.26 billion barrels (19.88 million barrels per day) in 2017. This represents approximately 22% of total world petroleum consumption.

But who are the key players in the oil and gas industry? In recent years the traditional super majors have seen stiff competition from the growing number of National Oil Companies – state owned entities that are increasingly seizing sole rights to major oil reserves.

In this list, we count down the biggest oil and gas companies and gas companies in the world ranked by the volume of oil and gas produced every day. Click on the links on the sidebar to the left to jump straight to each company profile.


  1. Saudi Aramco
    2017 Revenue: $455billion
    Nationality: Saudi Arabia 

  2. Sinopec
    2017 Revenue: $448 billion 
    Nationality: China

  3. China National Petroleum
    2017 Revenue: $428 billion 
    Nationality: China

  4. ExxonMobil
    2017 Revenue: $268 billion 
    Nationality: USA

  5. Royal Dutch Shell 
    2017 Revenue: $265 billion 
    Nationality: Netherlands/UK

  6. Kuwait Petroleum Corp
    2017 Revenue: $251 billion 
    Nationality: Kuwait

  7. BP
    2017 Revenue: $222 billion 
    Nationality: United Kingdom

  8. Total
    2017 Revenue: $212 billion 
    Nationality: France

  9. Lukoil 
    2017 Revenue: $114 billion 
    Nationality: Russia

  10. Eni
    2017 Revenue: $131 billion 
    Nationality: Italy

Additional mentions 

2017 Revenue: $117 billion
Nationality: Mexico

Chevron Corporation
2017 Revenue:$129 billion
Nationality: USA

2017 Revenue: $106 billion
Nationality: Russia

National Iranian Oil Co (NIOC)
2017 Revenue: $110 billion
Nationality: Iran


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