Oil and Gas Technology: The Future Is Now

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Sumit Dutta

Oil and gas technology is constantly moving forward.

This industry relies on technology – whether it’s the latest cloud tech allowing virtual applications and enabling remote working across regions and platforms or the mega processing of big data assessing the huge volumes of real time geoscience, finance, environmental and system information.

But the industry is also reliant on hugely established, legacy technology that rely more on mechanical ingenuity than on raw computational power.

The question is how do you marry up these two worlds? What is the best method to ensure both forms can co-exist successfully?

The oil and gas industry invests a significant amount of money and resources in oil and gas technology whether it’s in adopting new tech or in the maintenance and upgrading of existing technological assets. Also as more national oil companies get involved new bespoke systems are required and this also presents a huge challenge for technology officers and heads in the industry. The worldwide energy industry is also facing up to fact that the era of "easy oil" is coming to an end. As a result, global oil and gas companies are proactively pushing forward the boundaries of digital strategies and embracing "digital oilfields" in an effort to increase production levels from progressively challenging fields.

The looming threat of cyber terrorism is also one that preys heavily on the minds of oil and gas decision makers. Where a threat was once physical and more easily anticipated and combated now the menace exists in the shadows and operates in more unpredictable, untraceable and dangerous ways.

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