Overcoming the Most Critical Challenges of Asset Life Extension

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There is a point in every asset's life where the cost of continuing operations outweighs the gain. As assets age and production profiles decline – project economics are squeezed. The added pressure on replacement and maintenance budgets can result in curtailed life expectancy or divestment.

But what if the situation can be reversed – by improving the asset utilization and implementing pro-active equipment improvements? What if the expected life of the asset can be prolonged?

This exclusive AIM Webinar will discuss:

  • Practical steps you can use to ensure your asset produces with optimum availability and reliability
  • Proven, pro-active strategies you can use to maximize the life expectancy of the plant or platform topsides and structure
  • How you can create an environment for progressive life extension


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Nigel Robinson
Vice President Integrity Management Services
GL Noble Denton
Dr John Morgan
Head of Consultancy and Compliance
GL Noble Denton