Asset Integrity Panel Discussion: Overcoming Common Inhibitors To Operational Success

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Asset integrity success is inherently difficult to achieve largely because it is not a visible entity, this makes consideration of the equally intangible concepts of change management, organizational buy-in and achieving sustainability even more important.

AI programs which are designed without these three considerations at the core are destined to fail. So what can be done to avoid this unwelcome outcome? What steps can be taken to ensure that you avoid the most common inhibitors to asset integrity success. In this panel session - speaking from their own personal perspectives - our asset integrity experts will explore the solutions which in their personal opinions can – and must – be applied to ensure AI success in your company.

  • Making change a reality: How to drive the organizational and individual change required for integrity success
  • Securing and maintaining organizational buy in to secure full support for integrity activities
  • Overcoming the barriers to sustainable integrity success – dealing with the challenge of maintaining momentum

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Colin Dyer Asset Integrity Process Safety Manager Shell
Chris Houghton Engineering Authority BP