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Critical Mass: Nuclear Power

Refuelling Nuclear Britannia - Tackling The People Problem

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM EST

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The nuclear industry is on the cusp of a renaissance of new build. 

The challenges of climate change and energy security are driving the change to a balanced energy portfolioto reduce the UK’s dependency on imported fuels, potentially from politically unstable regions. Renewable sources are indigenous, and nuclear can provide a large scale, reliable sources of baseload electricity. The UK nuclear industry has an impressive safety record and this must be maintained with the growth of the industry.

  • Tackling the people challenge and ensuring a culture of safety in your plant and its stakeholders
  • Appreciating the impact of the nuclear renaissance and the sheer scale of the people challenge
  • Ensuring that your display the requisite competence when it comes to safety  
  • Applying the safety lessons learned from 50 years of nuclear power
  • Developing and maintaining a pervasive  safety culture



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Clive Smith
Strategy Director
Cogent Sector Skills Council

Clive is currently the Strategy Director for Nuclear at Cogent Sector Skills Council and has extensive management experience within nuclear operational, training and Government departments in a career spanning more than 35 years. His roles have included Chief Engineer of operational nuclear plants, nuclear Safety Regulator and appointments in the Royal Navy, Ministry of Defence, Department of Trade & Industry and in commercial training companies. Clive is active in the Nuclear Institute as Deputy Chair of the Membership Committee, Chair of the CPD Working Group and a member of the Education and Training Committee.

This FREE webinar is available to watch now.