5 Steps For Improving Process Safety and Reducing Process Downtime

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In a challenging business climate, oil and gas companies are looking to increase production, while simultaneously charged with the necessities of reducing risk, ensuring safety and maintaining environmental compliance. 

You can optimize this critical balance with operational analytics to give you clear visibility into clean integrated information. This webinar will advise you on how to tackle the following challenges:

Challenge 1: Ensuring Operation and Engineering data is accurate and timely, so you can manage assets closer to design basis

Challenge 2: Moving Business Transformation from a Reactive to Proactive Culture: how to get on the front foot

Challenge 3: Managing Operational Risk, so you can focus maintenance activities on assets most at risk

Challenge 4: Ensuring Management Of Change (MOC) changes are replicated through all departments, which means that operations processes are synchronized to  the current assets

Challenge 5: Giving Enterprise Visibility to HSSE KPIs and Compliance Reports, so all are aware of safety performance

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