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Pipeline Deposit Assessment & Cleaning – 5 Common Misconceptions

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM GMT

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One of the major challenges faced by the oil and gas industry is maintaining flowlines and pipelines in a condition that delivers maximum production at a minimum cost. A key part of maintaining maximum production is regular cleaning and the use of production chemistry, but what can be done when applied maintenance systems fail and deposits form in a pipeline?

When pipeline deposits form and reach the point where production is threatened, having an understanding of deposit distribution or location, deposit quantity and deposit identity is critical. If a pig is launched into a pipeline with a significant volume of deposit, there is a high probability that the pipeline will block.

This content rich webinar outlines 5 misconceptions about pipeline fouling, chemical cleaning and system maintainability, reviewing methods to accurately locate, quantify and remove deposits from pipelines.

Gain knowledge of successful ways of maintaining pipelines and flowlines in optimal condition and understand the common misconceptions about pipelines and flow assurance:  

Misconception 1: The mechanism of deposition is understood

Misconception 2: There is an existing chemical to solve every problem

Misconception 3: The line / system is piggable

Misconception 4: Operational pigging means the line is always clean

Misconception 5: There is a complete and comprehensive understanding of the produced fluids


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Laurence James Abney
Integrity Services Manager

Laurence is an industry professional with over 30 years of experience in process system and pipeline flow remediation services and has worked on pipeline cleaning projects where more than 250 tons of debris have been removed to return systems to their optimal condition.

Laurence is an employee of Halliburton’s Pipeline and Process Services based in Norway and has worked in many international locations including USA, Asia and Europe.

This FREE webinar is available to watch now.