10 Steps For Success in Real-time Oil and Gas Production Optimization

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Truly effective production optimization relies on the right data being delivered to the fingertips of key staff in real time. However, when data is required by multiple disciplines in remote and challenging environments, this is easier said than done.

Companies who fail to master this production optimization challenge risk not only the loss of efficiency caused by a lack of systems integration, but also the risk of operational production data becoming inaccessible, and missing out on optimization opportunities as a result.

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) has long led the region in pioneering advancements in the application of technology in the development of the ‘smart’ oil and gas field. This free webinar will offer you the chance to take an exclusive peek behind the scenes of the PDO Smart Fields operation from the comfort of your own desk.

This unique step by step guide to overcoming the challenges that all companies face when moving towards real time production optimization includes lessons on how you can overcome the following critical challenges:

  • Building a business case for change
  • Setting and executing a long term strategy
  • Ensuring high level buy-in from the start
  • Developing the real time architecture
  • Managing the deployment process
  • Ensuring maintenance and support
  • Safeguarding for disaster recovery
  • Ensuring data quality
  • Quantifying the return on investment
  • Mapping out a future direction



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Salim Al Busaidi Head of Real-Time Operations and Smart Fields Foundation Petroleum Development Oman