Shutdown & Turnarounds: Improving efficiencies, increasing safety and reducing operational costs

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When planning a shutdown, at the forefront of any operators’ requirements will be the need to effectively address the potential pain points of cost, efficiency and safety. To ensure these areas are successfully delivered any shutdown will inevitably involve the management of significant relationships with external providers of equipment, training and consultancy.

This informative and beneficial webinar will share with you some of the experiences and examples of effective supply of on-site material management, safety staffing and training and process consultancy as well as daily rental facilities and implementation of the latest management techniques and tools to contribute towards these efficiencies.

Through viewing this essential presentation, you will discover how you can:

  • Improve shutdown efficiencies through the effective deployment of a full project team to cover project, safety and planning management.
  • Ensure increased operator safety through implementation of specialized safety procedures undertaken by highly experienced and trained staff looking to address potential issues including gas and fire safety, safety training, risk assessment, analysis reporting and quality management.
  • Reduce costs with economies of scale introduced for all material and equipment requirements as well as new and innovative methods of material tracking, operator monitoring at the same time as significantly improving operator accountability.

Who should attend:

  • Asset Engineer
  • Head of Asset integrity
  • Asset (Integrity) Manager
  • Head/ Director of Operations
  • Operations Manager
  • Head of Maintenance
  • Technical Manager
  • Inspection Manager
  • Shutdown Manager
  • Planner, Scheduler
  • Health and Safety Manager

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