Overcoming The 7 Challenges To Unstructured Information Management

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Every asset operating in the world today has a footprint of legacy data. Within this, a significant percentage will be unstructured information, including documents, drawings, images, 3D models, and even High Definition Surveying (HDS) which comprises integrated laser scan point clouds and high-resolution photography.

Organizing and keeping track of large volumes of this unstructured information from multiple sources, such as suppliers, vendors, and engineering partners is as challenging on a greenfield development as a brownfield site, with constant upgrades, revamps, turnarounds, and maintenance changes in the mix.

In this webinar we look at how you can collate, regiment and master this unstructured data to overcome the main challenges and disadvantages of unstructured information:

  • Intensive administration - the vast majority of plants today have information collected over many years in different sources and multiple formats
  • High costs and time spent on searching for information
  • Decrease in productivity - information is often not easily accessible and only available to specific segments of an organization
  • Low quality of information that is often duplicated
  • Low information integrity where multiple nomenclature complicates reuse and quick identification
  • Unstructured information can exist as locked content
  • Lack of quickly accessibility can lead to compliance failures

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Sascha Antvogel Global Business Development Manager, Information Management Solutions Intergraph PP&M