The Five Key Steps to Achieving Lasting Success from your Competency Development Strategy

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All companies have some form of competency development strategy in place, and the basic elements of each of these approaches may not be too dissimilar. So what makes the difference between a world-class, effective system which meets the objectives of a fast-paced business, and one which fails to achieve these goals?

By describing the international-quality competency development strategy the team has implemented in KPI, this presentation will outline these critical success factors, and in the process demonstrate you how you can:

  • Create the linkages (in reality and in concept) between your competency framework, your organization and your peoples’ needs
  • Develop a coherent and understood set of processes that link to competencies required by the business
  • Secure commitment from the top to develop high potentials through competencies
  • Synchronise your competencies framework so it reflects the needs of both the individual and the business


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