News Stream - How to be a leader of the great data transformation

As digitalisation changes the way the industry works, stay at the head of the pack

The great data transformation

The digital transformation is happening now. Not only are vast changes required in many large companies in the oil and gas sector, but the implications of properly leveraging massive reserves of data are massive. Many companies are unsure how to organise their data, how to present it in a meaningful manner, and to whom to give access.

There is an industry-wide concern at the lack of insight across many major oil and gas companies, with many firms feeling unable to properly assure the reliability and integrity of critical infrastructure due to a lack of properly presented data. Companies such as OSIsoft have produced reports highlighting this concern, and provided case studies for improvement.

Want to assure your business' safety? Let us help.

Oil & Fuel Supply Chain Security Summit 2019

The vast and varied nature of the global oil and fuel supply chain presents a myriad of security challenges to governments and industry alike. Illicit activity within this lucrative industry’s supply chain costs government and industry billions, with estimates suggesting that the total cost to the global economy was in excess of $133 billion in 2017. 

Join us in London from the 16-18th of April for the world’s only conference which addresses this challenge to governments and industry. London provides the perfect platform for this international conference, as we bring together experts from across the world to share their response in dealing with the proliferation of this activity. 

According to EY, only 15 per cent of NOCs are fully digitised, with this lack of digital penetration being one of the main drivers of low ROI. To fully embrace digital transformation is to bring together disparate parts of the business, and maximise the potential of systems and data.

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