Capability Lessons Oil and Gas Can Learn From Microsoft, IBM, Cisco Systems and Infosys

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When looking for capability and organizational development best practice, it is easy for us to focus only on our own industry. But what lessons can we learn from the resourcing and development activities of other companies operating on the global stage?
What approaches to knowledge transfer and competency development can we apply from those Fortune 500 companies at the cutting edge of organizational and individual competency development?
Drawing on the resourcing, capability and organizational development lessons from leading corporations, this panel session will share with you, the secrets as to how you can:
  • Apply the best practices in talent management being used by the likes of IBM, Microsoft and Infosys
  • Learn from the lessons learned in accelerating capability development in the global operations of companies such as Cisco Systems and Intel
  • Enhance your development of local leadership capacity allowing you to reduce your reliance on expatriate management by learning from the world's leading companies


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