Upstream Oil And Gas: Learn How To Implement An Enterprise Warehouse

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Today's development data is tomorrow's legacy data, and the storage, quality and processing of this voluminous information has required oil and gas organisations to adopt advanced warehousing solutions to cater for burgeoning needs.

However, challenges remain in the succesful implementation of these solutions. 

In this session you will hear from Shell E&P Europe's Head of Subsurface Information Management on:

  • Examining how the importance of business  intelligence  across industry has prompted the need for enterprise data warehousing
  • Understanding how and why  attempts to implement data warehouse solutions in  upstream that have had mixed success
  • Evaluating the Shell experience  with enterprise warehouses over many years
  • Assessing  the foundations of success:  strong business focus and commitment, accelerated benefits and perseverance

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George Rorie Head of Subsurface Information Management Shell