Structured Application Data Management: Oil and Gas Technology How to Build a Managed Data Environment

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Over the last decade, the popularity of standalone, desktop-based G&G applications has increased significantly.

These applications provide a lot of functionality at an affordable price point for small to medium sized asset teams. However, as teams grow and projects accumulate, so too do the numbers of applications, users, and data volumes.

Eventually, the amount of data that has been imported into and generated by these applications becomes impractical to manage. Furthermore, because all of the data in these standalone applications resides only on individual desktops, it becomes nearly impossible to re-use and share the data that has been acquired, processed, and interpreted without the aid of a data management solution.

Drawing on a range of operator case studies, this exclusive webinar will provide you with a step by step guide to how you can implement a fully structured data management solution for your application environment that will:

  • Provide centralized data storage for all of your vetted corporate data
  • Integrate with your existing G&G applications so that users can easily retrieve and publish data
  • Provide data custodians with the QC tools they need to maintain data quality and integrity
  • Give users the ability to browse, search and query all of the data that is available
  • Allow project managers to easily document and archive project data at important milestones



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Dale Blue Principal Consultant for Data Management Services Landmark Software and Services