Lessons Earned? Lessons Learned? How You Can Build Capability to Close the Learning Loop

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Today’s oil and gas business presents a high stakes environment for all of those operating within it. We all make dozens of key decisions each day, some of which can have multi-million dollar implications. Sometimes, we are successful, sometimes we fail. But what do we learn from these situations whatever the outcome?

Learning from both failures and successes in your day to day operations is a fundamental component of organizational effectiveness in today’s energy industry.

However, there are many pitfalls to be found within typical corporate “lessons learned” approaches which can often hinder your team’s ability to ensure that mistakes aren’t repeated and that successes are replicated.

In this free webinar, bestselling business author and knowledge management expert, Chris Collison explores why “lessons learned” can sometimes fail to have an impact on your business.  

Using inspirational stories from a range of organizations, including ConocoPhillips, BP, Centrica, the Ferrari F1 Team, London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Red Arrows Aeronautical Display team and the US Army, this unique presentation will show you how you can:

  • Move from “lessons identified” to become an organization which learns before, during and after
  • Learn and apply new practical techniques such as Peer Assist, After Action Review and Retrospects
  • Capture knowledge without killing it
  • Harness the critical role of networks and communities in validating and sharing lessons
  • Help your leaders to build a culture of organizational learning



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Chris Collison Consultant, Knowledge able Ltd, and former Senior Organizational Capability