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PPE for Employees of the Gas and Oil Industry

Contributor: Ron Burg
Posted: 2/10/2016

It’s not a big secret that big oil and gas companies are dangerous work environments. There are many elements and areas of the industry that are hazardous to employees. But, there are many jobs to be done within in the field. Plus, there are many skilled workers who are good at what they do and like what they do in the industry. Full Article »

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Motorola Solutions for Oil & Gas: TETRA Radios for the Energy Sector -

Energy production operates in a unique environment which demands constant assessment to anticipate and react to anything that could interrupt its everyday smooth running. This short story illustrates how the transmission of voice and data communications over a dedicated TETRA network works to help alleviate potential threats to efficient and safe energy production. Full Video »

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Get Your Boardroom Onside And Your Mobility Journey Is 50% Complete

Contributor: Timothy Haïdar, EIC
Posted: 1/12/2015

Get Your Boardroom Onside And Your Mobility Journey Is 50% Complete - Timothy Haïdar, EIC

In this exclusive interview, we speak with Eduardo Lora-Tamayo, Project Manager IT at Spanish-based multi-utility Gas Natural Fenosa about the “Hermes” program he devised and rolled out. Gas Natural Fenosa has a user base of some 20 million customers, and the Hermes mobility platform has allowed frontline staff to use real-time information to make informed business decisions and save the company money. Full Podcast »

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The Weekly USA Oil & Gas Update: 9th February 2016

Contributor: Todd Erickson
Posted: 2/9/2016

The Weekly USA Oil & Gas Update: 9th February 2016 - Todd Erickson

The 9th February 2016 Oil & Gas US update. Catch up with all of this week's industry news, oil and gas prices from Bloomberg / EIA and the North American rig count. Full Column »

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Oil, Gas & Geopolitics: Predictions For 2016

On January 1st 2015, with oil at $53 a barrel, who would have bet it would be a measly $30 twelve months later? Who would have bet that Iran would have come in from the cold, or China would go into economic free-fall or that the European Union would have been inundated by an unrelenting flow of Middle Eastern refugees? Had anyone played those odds, they would have become a very rich man on New Year’s Day 2016, so fraught with failure is presumption that seeks to be prophecy. Nevertheless, last year we made several predictions that came to fruition, and an educated guess is seldom misspent when there is no money on the line. So, in the spirit of informed guestimation, we present you with ten predictions for the oil and gas and geopolitical landscape in 2016, and hope beyond hope that most are less prescient than they seem… Full Whitepaper »

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Facing the Challenge of the Safety of Offshore Oil and Gas Activities

In this presentation, we hear from Taf Powell of the European Commission, a report from the European Commission on Post-Macondo legislation that has been rolled out to prevent similar disasters occurring in Europe. In Full Presentation »

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