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Leadership, strong management, and access to the right information at the right time to make effective decisions has never been more important as we move into a future characterized by the digital oilfield, instant communications and the opportunities presented by new technologies and new media. From oil price forecast discussions, to natural gas outlook analysis, this industry resource centre is the place to benefit from big picture best practice to ensure you are able to deliver the growth you need. Start Exploring Today.

Posted: 11/15/2016
Fox I.T
Even after serious incidents such as Stuxnet and Shamoon, the implementation of cybersecurity policies is only improving slowly. However, the majority of IT professionals are still not confident about their ability to detect, resist or respond to major cyberattacks, such as a state attack or an Advanced Persistent Threat. Full Article »
Posted: 06/30/2015
Motorola Solutions for Oil & Gas: TETRA Radios for the Energy Sector
Energy production operates in a unique environment which demands constant assessment to anticipate and react to anything that could interrupt its everyday smooth running. This short story illustrates how the transmission of voice and data communications over a dedicated TETRA network works to help alleviate potential threats to efficient and safe Full Video »
Contributor: Timothy Haïdar, EIC
Posted: 01/11/2015
In this exclusive interview, we speak with Eduardo Lora-Tamayo, Project Manager IT at Spanish-based muti-utility Gas Natural Fenosa about the "Hermes" program he devised and rolled out. Gas Natural Fenosa has a user base of some 20 million customers, and the Hermes mobility platform has allowed frontline staff to use real-time information to make Full Podcast »
Contributor: Timothy Haïdar, EIC
Posted: 07/12/2016
Timothy Haïdar, EIC
A few weeks ago, the shadow of Brexit - the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union - was just that, an obscurity, intangible and illusory. Today, the genie is out of the bottle and whether the magic cast is white or black will be felt over a span of years. Full Column »
Contributor: Timothy Haïdar, EIC
Posted: 05/31/2016
Timothy Haïdar, EIC
Falling oil prices are focusing attention on asset life extension through effective asset integrity management during this critical phase in the oil and gas industry. A recent survey of Oil & Gas IQ members uncovers the processes being used and investments being made during this time of low profits. Full Whitepaper »