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Question: Why's the Oil Price Collapsing? Answer: $8+ Trillion Carry Trade - DK Matai

You will have read about the oil price fall, OPEC, shale fracking, oil glut, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, energy supply and demand, geo-strategy and geo-political risk, alongside myriad conspiracy theories. They all may have some truth in them, but they are relative side issues against the major story that ought to be followed and dissected: the explosion of the near $8+ trillion US dollar carry trade. Full Article »

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[VIDEO] Streamlining energy and document management with EMC Documentum Asset Operations -

How efficiently do you manage your plant documentation? Watch this video to learn how you can utilise EMC Documentum Asset Operations to gain control and quickly access all of your documents in one system to boost efficiency and production while complying with regulations. Full Video »

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Get Your Boardroom Onside And Your Mobility Journey Is 50% Complete

Contributor: Timothy Haïdar, EIC
Posted: 1/12/2015

Get Your Boardroom Onside And Your Mobility Journey Is 50% Complete - Timothy Haïdar, EIC

In this exclusive interview, we speak with Eduardo Lora-Tamayo, Project Manager IT at Spanish-based multi-utility Gas Natural Fenosa about the “Hermes” program he devised and rolled out. Gas Natural Fenosa has a user base of some 20 million customers, and the Hermes mobility platform has allowed frontline staff to use real-time information to make informed business decisions and save the company money. Full Podcast »

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Editorial: The Critical Joke - From Iraq To An Economy Near You?

Contributor: Timothy Haïdar, EIC
Posted: 3/3/2015

Editorial: The Critical Joke - From Iraq To An Economy Near You? - Timothy Haïdar, EIC

As Brent crude rises past the $60 per barrel mark, global industry is beginning to come to terms with the seismic shock of three consecutive months of sub $80 oil. The global rig count – a commonly cited bellwether for the health of the industry - is down by eight per cent year on year and drilling rates across the board have slumped. Mid 2014 calculations of 210,000 wells to be drilled through 2020 have been revised down by half, and that is off the back of a lean year of drilling, with mature arenas like the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) seeing the lowest number of wells completed since the 1960s. Although a mollified oil price will be affecting the purse strings and tax income of all oil-dependent states from the Americans to Asia Pacific, few will be feeling the affects more acutely than the beleaguered Republic of Iraq. Full Column »

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Double Dragon: China's New Energy Giant

As the world's largest country rings in the Year of the Goat, rumblings coming out of the Middle Kingdom point towards the merger of China's largest three largest oil and gas corporations. The combination of these enterprises into a single commercial entity would create one of the biggest megacorporations ever seen. We take a look at how this corporate giant might shape up. Full Whitepaper »

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Facing the Challenge of the Safety of Offshore Oil and Gas Activities

In this presentation, we hear from Taf Powell of the European Commission, a report from the European Commission on Post-Macondo legislation that has been rolled out to prevent similar disasters occurring in Europe. In Full Presentation »

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