Live Recording: Operator Rounds: Your Bridge to the Connected Plant

with Jared Hartness and Kevin Deverell from GE Digital

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Recorded Live at The Connected Worker Online - January 26, 2021

Operator Rounds: Your Bridge to the Connected Plant

The average price of a vibration or temperature sensor has declined significantly from the introduction of the technology. Even with these reductions in the cost, online sensors in many cases are still not cost effective for asset owner operators to retro fit entire plants and asset bases without justification for the investment from a reliability, control or operational risk perspective. Although investment may or may not be warranted, its still critical that organizations have a “Bridge” to these assets to ensure their performing reliably and safely when called on by the organization. This is where we must rely on our people.

In a world of ever evolving connected worker devices and technology there are no shortage of options for equipping field personnel with the ability to collect data and access information in the field. While device options are great, the biggest hurdle most organizations face when implementing effective operator rounds programs almost always ties back to user adoption. In this session we discuss best practices for:

  • What to look for when selecting operator rounds technology
  • Device Selection
  • Training and user adoption
  • Case studies from customer implementations

Jared Hartness, Director of Industry Solutions, GE Digital
Kevin Deverell, Sr. Staff Digital Product Manager, GE Digital