28 - 30 January, 2020 | Amsterdam

Main Conference Day One

7:30 am - 9:00 am Registration & Networking Coffee

8:00 am - 8:10 am Opening Remarks from the Conference Chair

Hadi Farhoud, Head of Strategy & Marketing at GTT

Hadi Farhoud

Head of Strategy & Marketing

8:10 am - 8:40 am Asian Market Outlook: Current LNG Market within Asia and China's Role in the Development of LNG Bunkering

  • CNOOC: Company overview and LNG strategy
  • Overview of the four bunkering centres in China
  • Review the two LNG Vessels on order
  • Share some insights into the inland river bunkering station

Qiao Yu, GM of LNG Bunker Project at CNOOC Gas and Power Group.

Qiao Yu

GM of LNG Bunker Project
CNOOC Gas and Power Group.

8:40 am - 9:10 am Germany: Building, Owning and Operating Brunsbüttel’s LNG Import Terminal

  • Details of the joint venture: Purpose, partners, roles and responsibilities
  • Terminal services: Discharge and loading of LNG ships, storage of LNG, regasification and LNG distribution via trucks and barges
  • Project progress: Achievements to date, future plans, permit applications and project milestones
  • Market perspective of LNG as an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative for industry and as a shipping fuel
Guus Vogels, Sales Manager at Vopak

Guus Vogels

Sales Manager

9:10 am - 9:40 am Accelerating the Use of LNG as a Marine Fuel: Global Outlook

  • How has the LNG Bunkering market evolved over the last 12 months and how have Total contributed to its progress across the globe?
  • Strategic acquisitions and how they will strengthen Total’s offering in the LNG Bunkering market
  • Progress being made with shipping supply deals across the globe
  • Current and proposed LNG bunkering solutions and timelines for availability
Xavier Pfeuty, LNG Manager at Total Marine Fuel Global Solutions

Xavier Pfeuty

LNG Manager
Total Marine Fuel Global Solutions

This panel session will review alternative fuel concepts for the shipping sector with an emphasis on conversion challenges,
ROI, operational efficiency, fuel properties and the environmental impact. Ultimately, the discussion will focus on how to meet
short and long term carbon reduction targets.
  • Assessing different types of alternative fuels that are being considered and explored outside of LNG?
  • Exploring the cost, environmental compatibility and availability of these fuels?
  • What are the considerations over the full life-cycle rather than just the fuel combustion stage?
  • What barriers are holding back progress and how can the industry overcome them?
  • What types of technologies are being applied to vessels to reduce emissions?
  • How can the entire value chain collaborate effectively in the future to continue exploring alternative fuels and technology?
Peter Keller, Executive Vice President at Tote Inc.

Peter Keller

Executive Vice President
Tote Inc.

Tom Strang, Senior Vice President, Maritime Affairs at Carnival Corporation & plc

Tom Strang

Senior Vice President, Maritime Affairs
Carnival Corporation & plc

Sjaak Klaap

VP - Business Development

Yves Bui, LNG Project Director, New Building Department at MSC

Yves Bui

LNG Project Director, New Building Department

Paul Taylor, Global Head of Shipping & Offshore at Societe Generale CIB

Paul Taylor

Global Head of Shipping & Offshore
Societe Generale CIB

10:30 am - 11:00 am LNG: A Success for the Norwegian Coast Route

  • Reviewing the 10 LNG vessels to operate throughout the Norwegian coast line from 2021
  • Holistic view on design
  • Retrofit
  • Hybrid solutions + LNG for low emissions 
Oscar Kallerdahl, Vice President LNG Systems at Rolls Royce

Oscar Kallerdahl

Vice President LNG Systems
Rolls Royce

11:00 am - 11:30 am Morning Coffee Break

11:30 am - 11:50 am LNG Bunkering: Ship-Shore Links for Today and Tomorrow

  • Reviewing the LNG Ship-Shore link history, the bunkering links today and understanding the key link considerations
  • Addressing the emerging LNG small-scale transfer, bunkering and fuelling spaces as well as the emergency shutdown link
  • Exploring various case studies where these applications have been utilised and future technology
Paul Radage, Sales Director at Trelleborg Marine Systems UK

Paul Radage

Sales Director
Trelleborg Marine Systems UK

11:50 am - 12:20 pm Environmental Impacts of LNG: The Truth Behind LNG as a Marine Fuel

  • Theory: What were the initial assumptions relating to emissions and the cost value of utilising LNG fuel within the vessels
  • Results: Measuring performance, encountering unexpected problems and identifying opportunities to optimise operational efficiency
  • Optimisation: Changing the way in which the vessel is operated especially when idol
  • Value: Enhancing performance to reduce emissions and secure financial incentives
Harly Penner, Engineering Superintendent, LNG Vessels at Seaspan Ferries Corporation

Harly Penner

Engineering Superintendent, LNG Vessels
Seaspan Ferries Corporation

Dietmar Zutt, Head of Sales Marine at MAN Energy Solutions

Dietmar Zutt

Head of Sales Marine
MAN Energy Solutions

Kwinten Standaert, Key Account Officer, Commercial Department at Fluxys

Kwinten Standaert

Key Account Officer, Commercial Department

Guillaume Paternostre, LNG Bunkering Business Developer at ENGIE

Guillaume Paternostre

LNG Bunkering Business Developer

1:00 pm - 1:40 pm Technology Demonstrations: Quick Fire Technology and Product Demonstrations

This is your opportunity to meet with the vendors in our exhibition hall to learn more about the technology and services that are
designed to support you on your projects.

These tech demos will last approximately 10 minutes on four cycles with the opportunity to continue your discussions
throughout the lunch break at their exhibition stands.

1:40 pm - 2:40 pm Lunch and Networking

2:40 pm - 3:00 pm Reducing Risk by Applying Coriolis Mass Flow Metering Solutions for LNG Measurement

  • Design considerations for LNG measurement systems: What to measure and how
  • Overview of Coriolis Mass Flow Metering solutions for LNG applications
  • Ensuring transparency and traceability for LNG custody transfer
Daniel Kemp, Business Development Manager, Marine Fuel Solutions at Emerson

Daniel Kemp

Business Development Manager, Marine Fuel Solutions

  • Overview of LNG development and capability within the Port of Dunkirk:
  • o LNG strategy and drivers: The rationale of focusing on LNG within the port and how they are driving it forward
  • o Current and future LNG projects within the port and region
  • o Policy relating to LNG fuelled vessels
  • Dunkerque LNG: Current projects including the jetty adaptation and new jetty infrastructure
Daniel Deschodt, Commercial Director at Port of Dunkirk

Daniel Deschodt

Commercial Director
Port of Dunkirk

Cécile Grégoire-David, Business Development & External Relations at Dunkerque LNG SAS

Cécile Grégoire-David

Business Development & External Relations
Dunkerque LNG SAS

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm Current and Future LNG Developments within the Port of Amsterdam

  • LNG’s role in realising the Port of Amsterdam’s sustainable port vision
  • Ensuring regulations, standards and policies are in place
  • Developing the physical infrastructure for the jetty
  • Additional discounts available for LNG fuelled vessels
  • Creating an LNG bunkering map of the port to ensure full visibility for users
Didier De Beaumont, Project Leader Energy Cluster at Port of Amsterdam

Didier De Beaumont

Project Leader Energy Cluster
Port of Amsterdam

4:00 pm - 4:20 pm Utilising LNG and Combined Solutions for Optimising Energy Efficiency

  • MAN Energy Solutions: Vision, strategy and technological transformation to support the drive towards environmental requirements
  • The business case for combined solutions: Optimising fuel efficiency and minimise emissions
  • Exploring current and future LNG/combined propulsion solutions that will meet economic, social and regulatory goals
  • Case study: Performance review of various vessels currently utilising a combined solution
Roger Göthberg, Managing Director at MAN Energy Solutions

Roger Göthberg

Managing Director
MAN Energy Solutions

4:20 pm - 4:50 pm Afternoon Coffee Break

4:50 pm - 5:10 pm Nitrogen Controlled in Harmony with Physics

  • Understanding the current bunkering challenges of the STS transfer system
  • Exploring m ore advanced solutions such as the N2 PERC system
  • Comparing different solutions and their value: Nitrogen vs. Hydraulics
  • ESD2 arrangements and new responsibilities for hose requirements
Nigel Edwards, Business Development Manager - LNG at MannTek LNG Solutions

Nigel Edwards

Business Development Manager - LNG
MannTek LNG Solutions

5:10 pm - 5:40 pm Gothenburg LNG Terminal: Developing and Accelerating LNG Bunkering Capabilities within the Baltic Region

  • Growing number of LNG consumers served by an efficient LNG logistic chain: Meeting the shipping industry needs
  • Insights into the uploading station, cryogenic pipeline and bunkering facility
  • Enabling a flexible response to demand for small-scale LNG within this emerging market
  • Next steps: Investment plan for expansion by implementing the right strategy to attract ship-owners to the region
Antonio Illescas, Business Development Manager at Swedegas

Antonio Illescas

Business Development Manager

5:40 pm - 6:10 pm LNG Fuelled Vessels: Optimising Productivity and Environmental Performance through Innovation

  • DEME’s LNG fleet investment programme: Vessels in service and vessels on order
  • Why LNG is the right solution: Meeting DEME’s core values, achieving regulatory compliance, financial payback and environmental performance
  • Existing fleet: Technical design review and performance results
  • New vessels: Future proofing new vessels that ensure ease of conversion
  • Case study: A focus on the next generation offshore installation vessel
Jan Gabriel, Head of Conversion and Construction Department at DEME

Jan Gabriel

Head of Conversion and Construction Department

6:10 pm - 6:20 pm Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair and Close of Conference Day One

Hadi Farhoud, Head of Strategy & Marketing at GTT

Hadi Farhoud

Head of Strategy & Marketing

6:20 pm - 7:50 pm Drinks Reception Proudly Hosted by our Associate Partner, Arta

Throughout the conference there have been a number of opportunities to network, share ideas and meet new people which
will continue well into the evening. Courtesy of Associate Partner, Arta, their hosted drinks reception will be served all guests
offering additional opportunities to check out any exhibitions you may have missed during the day and meet new people or
catch up with colleagues. This will also be a chance to hear from Arta’s guest speakers which will announce a new partnership
and share their new Pioneering Bunkering Concepts: Single and Double Barrier Based during the reception.

7:40 pm - 10:10 pm Amsterdam Cruise

To maximise your networking opportunity in a fun and unique way, join us for our annual Amsterdam canal tour with
dinner and drinks. This is the perfect opportunity to talk shop, meet new contacts, spend time with your colleagues
or simply see the beautiful sights of Amsterdam. This tour will be on a first come, first served basis so book now to
avoid disappointment – simply confirm your place when registering. Book now!