Global Oil Supply: Industry in Freefall? - News Stream

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Adam Muspratt

In the pipeline this week

The Oil market entering 'very crucial period' according to the International Energy Agency as Venezuela, Libya, Iran present uncertainties over falling production and diminished access to major producers particularly, Venezuela and Iran.

In addition, Oil and gas production from Scottish waters has fallen by 1.7% after two consecutive years of growth,. Earlier this week, industry body Oil and Gas UK warned in its latest economic report that platforms could have to be shut down if a deal on Brexit leads to difficulties accessing skilled workers.

In addition...

This week, we have a great webinar on the site – courtesy of  KPMG. Its called the Guide: Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Outlook & Nigerian Content.

The Nigerian government is encouraging development – meaning that this is a sector you’ll want to keep an eye on. Check out the webinar unique insights into the potential opportunities and risks in the Nigerian Oil & Gas sector, the impact of new fiscal terms that may come to play, and much more

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