Intelligent Operations Podcast Series: Nick Revelas of OpenText

OpenText’s latest recruit Nick Revelas joins the second episode of Oil & Gas IQ’s podcast series on the vital role of Intelligent Operations

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Ben Watts

In the second episode of a series on Intelligent Operations in the oil and gas industry, future energy transformation strategist Nick Revelas, a recent recruit at OpenText, joins OpenText Senior Director Martin Richards and Oil & Gas IQ’s Managing Editor Ben Watts.

In this recording, Richards introduces listeners to the concept of Intelligent Operations and puts his questions on the key benefits of an Intelligent Operations strategy and the true value of predictive maintenance to Revelas.

Based in Houston, Revelas has dedicated more than 20 years of his career to various leaderships roles in oil and gas, utilities and chemicals markets. He has a passion for transforming data into actionable information and driving business transformation by fundamentally changing the way people work.

In this in-depth podcast, Revelas and Richards discuss how to maximize asset uptime by acting on predictive insights, the importance of trusted content, and the areas in which operator need to dig deep if they are to encourage the shift toward operational efficiency and operating discipline.

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