Intelligent Operations Podcast Series: Mark Pyatt of Accenture and OpenText's Martin Richards

Industry veteran Mark Pyatt, Industry Principal of Process Industries at Accenture, is the guest for the first episode of Oil & Gas IQ’s latest podcast series on intelligent operations

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Ben Watts

In the first of an exclusive series of podcasts on Intelligent Operations in the oil and gas industry, OpenText Senior Director Martin Richards and Oil & Gas IQ’s Managing Editor Ben Watts are joined by industry veteran Mark Pyatt, Industry Principal of Process Industries at Accenture.

In this recording, Richards introduces listeners to the concept of Intelligent Operations and explains how it is providing workers with near real-time insight to help them make informed and safe decisions in the field.

This episode’s guest expert is Mark Pyatt. Based out of Dallas, Texas, Pyatt worked at SAP for many years, where he focused on oil and gas operations, before recently moving to Accenture where he leads the Intelligent Operations initiative.

Pyatt’s offers his insight on the latest approaches to Intelligent Operations and the strategies being taken within the oil and gas world, as operations systems that interact with business systems evolve to provide users with better information on how to reduce enterprise OpEx costs, improve decision-making and help businesses achieve their targets.

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