Intelligent Operations Podcast Series: Oz Rodriguez of Lloyd's Register

Lloyd's Register Commercial Product Manager Oz Rodriguez is our guest for the third episode of Oil & Gas IQ’s podcast series on the importance of Intelligent Operations in the oil and gas industry

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Ben Watts

In this third episode of Oil & Gas IQ’s series on Intelligent Operations, Oz Rodriguez, Commercial Product Manager at Lloyd's Register, joins OpenText Senior Director Martin Richards and Oil & Gas IQ’s Managing Editor Ben Watts.

After introducing listeners to the concept of Intelligent Operations, Richards puts his questions to this episode’s guest about the benefits of Intelligent Operations in oil and gas and how operators should streamline their asset management solutions.

Oz Rodriguez is a Houston-based software engineer with more than 15 years’ experience developing enterprise software. Over the past eight years with Lloyd’s Register, Rodriguez has driven the introduction of new cloud-enabled, SaaS Asset Performance and Risk Management products to the market.

In this podcast, Rodriguez and Richards explore how to use data to enhance decision-making, what operators should do to identify, quantify and prioritize improvement opportunities, and why data silos should be broken down via a single system that offer a simple view of an asset.

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