WEBINAR: The Ultimate Guide to Building your Maintenance Management Regime

Harnessing proven CMMS build processes and technology to get it right first time and avoid costly interventions later on.

Join us for a live CMMS build!

This webinar will take place on:
30 June, 2021
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM EST

Secure your free place for this exciting webinar today and learn how to:

  1. Cost effectively develop your maintenance regime - and maximize equipment performance
  2. Assure master data quality is established and sustained through effective Management of Change
  3. Apply fundamental maintenance build principles to help avoid future costly maintenance and inventory interventions 

Safe, efficient, and effective asset management is dependent on an optimized maintenance and integrity management regime, built using an optimized approach and the right tools to develop structured, and quality master data.

A stage-gated approach to managing the end-to-end process of a CMMS build, ensures the data is structured correctly, with maintenance and materials assigned appropriately to equipment so a fully optimized maintenance management regime is implemented.

Join us for a live CMMS build and witness best in class processes for:

  • Asset hierarchy development
  • Equipment prioritization
  • Maintenance allocation
  • Task list assignment
  • Materials build and allocation
  • Work order schedule optimization

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Meet the speakers

Stuart Murray, Technical Manager, Add Energy

Stuart Murray is a seasoned maintenance and reliability engineer with over 15 years’ experience in building, optimizing and implementing maintenance management regimes across a variety of asset types, in every region of the world.

As the technical lead for numerous maintenance build projects, including the world’s largest maintenance build for BP. Stuart has developed and implemented processes and cutting-edge technology in deploying a cost effective and quality assured maintenance management regime, proven to maximize equipment performance.

Chris Laing, Maintenance Build Consultant, Add Energy

Chris Laing is an experienced maintenance consultant with hands on experience of developing and deploying maintenance builds for international energy providers, during projects and in operations.

By working closely with a wide variety of plant owners and operators, Chris has gained exclusive access to common challenges that influence the efficiency and effectiveness of a maintenance regime and has been involved in the design, and implementation of solutions intended for eliminating these challenges when the regime is switched on.