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A Brief History Of Oil
Published: 2019-03-06
In order to clearly understand the dynamics of oil and gas prices and its impact on the world economy, we need to dwell into the history of oil and have a look at some of the major events of the past that have affected the oil price and its availability.
India has been one of the biggest net importers of crude oil in the last few decades. I...
With rapid strides in the field of unconventional oil,
Today, Oil has become a ‘Global’ commodity. The pricing of oil is critical to the world economy.
The Myth Of Oil Pricing [Part 2]
Published: 2013-07-23
The concept of supply-demand is pretty straightforward, if the supply is more than demand the prices come down and if the supply is less than demand than the prices would increase.
The world waits for no one, with rapid strides in the field of unconventional oil sources and new oil an...