Digital EHS in Oil & Gas ONLINE

Leveraging, Navigating and Integrating EHS Technology to Break the Safety Performance Plateau

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For EHS leaders, managing and adapting to change is more critical than ever before - to ensure business continuity, build operational resilience, protect frontline workers and keep critical operations going. The organizations that are able to adapt quickly are those that have embedded digital thinking in their approach to EHS management. In this post pandemic era, companies like Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Thames Water, BASF, Koch and more are reworking their digital EHS strategy to better leverage process automation, wearables, in-field sensors, VR and predictive analytics to better mitigate risk, make decisions and allocate resources.
Join these leading companies and over 800 EHS leaders Online this September 22 and learn how to leverage digital and automation tools to better track and report safety data, meet compliance requirements, reduce administrative work and build a world class safety culture.
10 industry-leading speakers will share how to:
  • Manage safety in the current virtual working environment
  • Assess – and benchmark – your current EHS digital maturity
  • Leverage technology to support safe return-to-work - and keep your workplace Covid 19 free
  • Improve safety culture through data analytics and machine learning
  • Accelerate your digital safety transformation to engage employees, predict incidents and foresee trends
  • Reduce the administrative burden of compliance and EHS management including permit to work, PHA and more
  • Extend visibility into frontline risks to improve uptime and productivity
  • Perform workplace inspections and observations from anywhere, in real-time
  • Empower front-line employees with connected worker technologies
  • Adapt to the new post pandemic reality and build agility and flexibility into your EHS program