WEBINAR: The Ultimate Benefits of e-PTW: Making the move from paper to digital permit-to-work

Minimizing Risk While Improving Safety, Uptime, Efficiency and Compliance

Discover how an electronic permit-to-work system can significantly improve efficiency, productivity, transparency and more.

This webinar will take place on:
22 April, 2021
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM EST

Typically, frontline operations rely on a combination of paper forms and informal knowledge transfer from team members to navigate and validate the permit-to-work process.

Often these processes are managed and owned by multiple departments, and have inherent challenges relating to compliance, efficiency, productivity, transparency and more. A proper work preparation and electronic permit to work (e-PTW) process minimizes risk and ensures safe work execution, while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Integration with real time information and MMS systems leads to additional efficiencies, and enhances critical decision making.

Join us on April 22 at 10:30am EST for this exclusive webinar, where you will learn from one of the industry’s leading experts on the challenges of the paper permit-to-work process. Discover how e-PTW:

  • Breaks down silos
  • Significantly improves compliance by ensuring all workflow steps and signatures are traceable and auditable
  • Supports standardization and continuous improvement
  • Uses accurate risk-based data to deliver intelligent action and influence positive safety behaviors
  • Makes tangible efficiency gains
  • Reduces the risk of accidents and incidents
  • Is simple to use for all stakeholders
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Meet the speaker:

Michael Coleman

Mick Coleman is a 30 years’ experienced consultant at Enablon - provider of permit to work and operational risk management solutions.

Mick began his career in a mechanical discipline before moving to chemical operations and the oil and gas domain. He has been engaged for over 30 years in various roles including, chemical operations, shift management, shutdown coordinator, commissioning engineer, safety trainer / advisor and most recently with Enablon for 7 plus years as an operational risk management consultant. Mick also studied chemical engineering at the University of Strathclyde and is a qualified safety advisor.

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