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About this Podcast...

In this exclusive podcast, Tim Haðdar speaks with LNG expert Deirdre Fox, President of D. Fox Consulting, LLC about the issues surrounding the placement, funding and regulation of LNG infrastructure inside the USA.

Deirdre is recognized for her thorough technical understanding of liquefied natural gas ("LNG") as an alternative fuel and energy source and maintains current knowledge of the policy, legislative and regulatory drivers related to natural gas. She liaises with regulatory and other government agencies to identify opportunities for public-private partnerships to access grant funding and other incentives for alternative energy and fuel-related projects. In addition, Deirdre represents her clients’ interests at all levels of government regarding issues related to the use of natural gas fuel for vehicles such as treatment by the revenue and regulatory agencies applicable to NGVs, the fuel commodity and related infrastructure.

In 2010, she was particularly instrumental in the installation of the first LNG transportation fuelling centre to open east of the Mississippi River for a Connecticut-based hauling company.

In the course of her interview, Deirdre touches on:

  • Her personal experience with natural gas vehicles and now moving into LNG liquefaction facilities
  • Fuelling infrastructure and the challenges encountered with community, government, regulations and funding
  • Developing infrastructure to meet LNG demand
  • Trends in regional development